Everyone's healing process is different, but most people generally feel “under the weather” for a couple of days after surgery. Most people will seem as though nothing happened, though in rare cases some may feel “under the weather” for a week or longer.

2. What types of insurance do we take?

We accept most major insurance companies and participate in all discount programs. A full listing can be found under Financial Information. You should consult with your insurance company with specific questions prior to your consultation.

3. What kinds of foods can I eat?

You will begin with clear liquids, progressing to soft foods within hours of surgery. It is important to begin using your jaw shortly after surgery to prevent jaw stiffness.

4. What’s involved in a consultation? Do I really need one?

A consultation is always done prior to surgery, and provides a non-threatening environment to discuss all your options and health status with the doctor. At your consultation you will be evaluated and diagnosed, fill out a full medical history and be able to discuss questions, risks, benefits, alternatives and financial matters. Without a full consultation and medical history analysis, it would be impossible to provide you with the best care. The consultation is done usually in advance to be able to confer with physicians and dentists, if your care needs to be coordinated.

5. What are the payment options?

We accept personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Care Credit. You can apply at Care Credit for finance options in advance of your consultation.

6. Will I be really swollen?

We don’t anticipate anything more than moderate swelling, but it is important to apply ice as directed for the first 24 hours and take anti-swelling medication, if prescribed.

7. When can I resume physical activity?

Typically you should reduce activity right after surgery for several days before slowly beginning your activity.

8. How long will it take to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Plan on being in our office for 1 to 1 1/2 hours for most procedures.

Have more questions? Contact us! We're happy to help.